Fox River Update on Water Levels

As of Tuesday, July 18, 2017, the Fox River in Waterford and Rochester has dropped below flood stage, but is still running high.  The boat ramp above the dam has reopened.  The dam is wide open which is resulting in a current that appears to be around 1mph in the area of the river near the boat ramp above the dam in Huening Park.

For those with kayaking experience, it is not too difficult to paddle upstream and safely return to the boat ramp.  However, it is unwise for those with no previous paddling experience to launch above the dam.  If you had any difficulty controlling your kayak, you would very quickly be carried into and over the dam, which would be extremely dangerous.

Therefore, Fox River Paddle Sports is recommending that only paddlers with previous experience and good boat control skills paddle on the Fox River, at this time.  If you wish to rent, please contact us as 262-332-3777 and we will try to make arrangements for you to paddle in a location that is appropriate and safe for your abilities.  For first-time paddlers, we are taking reservations to paddle on Wind Lake again this weekend.  For more experienced paddlers, we will allow you to rent and launch above the dam.

Because we are likely to be splitting our staff between two locations for the next several days, it is absolutely required that you call and reserve boats in advance.  We may not be able to accommodate walk-up rentals for the time being.

Be aware that the weather forecasts are calling for chances of rain in the next several days.  Heavy rains in Waterford or upstream could result in rentals on the river being suspended again, in which case we will be moving our operation to Sportsman’s Landing in Wind Lake.


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