Looking for some unique gift ideas for a paddling enthusiast?  Here are some fun ideas!

  • Gift certificate for canoe, kayak, or SUP rentals in 2018 – any amount
  • SherriKayaks gift certificate for a canoe, kayak, or SUP class – $55.00-149.00
  • SherriKayaks gift certificate for a guided kayak trip on a waterway in SE Wisconsin – $65.00

To purchase any of the above items, please contact Sherri by phone at 262-895-2008 or by email at sherri@sherrikayaks.com.   During the rental season, these items are also available for sale at Fox River Paddle Sports in Waterford.

If you are thinking more along the lines of getting your loved one some paddling gear, you can get many more ideas by checking out our list of recommended products on the Fox River Paddle Sports Local Associates page on Amazon.com.


Purchasing through a Local Associates page helps to support your local businesses, but even if you purchase elsewhere, we hope you will use this list for suggestions on the best gear for paddling.  These are the items that we use personally as well as for our classes, trips, and rentals.

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