We are committed to providing our clients with a great paddling experience.  Along with quality equipment and a fantastic location that is appropriate for paddlers of all skill levels, you can ensure that you have a great day on the river by following these recommendations: 

    • Reservations are not required, but the number of kayaks, canoes, and SUPs is limited, so to make sure you can paddle when you want, reservations are a good idea.  Call 262-332-3777 to reserve a boat at our Waterford location or 262-332-3770 for the Fox River Paddle Sports at Sportsman’s Wind Lake.
    • Rental craft must be returned to Fox River Paddle Sports no later than 30 minutes before closing.
    • Your rental includes a life jacket.  Everyone paddling or riding in a Fox River Paddle Sports craft must be wearing a properly fitted USCG-approved life jacket – no exceptions.
    • No one under the age of 3 is allowed on any paddle craft rented from Fox River Paddle Sports.  Children ages 3-16 must be accompanied by an adult and have their waiver forms signed by a parent or legal guardian.  You can print a copy of the waiver and rental agreement which is linked here: Rental Agreement & Waiver
    • Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed in any Fox River Paddle Sports rental boats – no exceptions.  FRPS staff reserves the right to refuse rentals to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Safety on the river is our number one priority!
    • There is plenty of free parking available at both of our locations.  If space is not available at Village Hall Park or the Waterford Library, there is another large parking lot located directly across the river off N. 2nd Street – just a short walk across the Main Street bridge from Fox River Paddle Sports.  At Sportsman’s in Wind Lake, please park behind the restaurant.
    • Paddling is a water activity and you will get at least a little damp, so dress in clothing that can get wet and will dry quickly.  There are facilities available if you need to change clothes before or after getting out on the water.
    • Wear footwear that can get wet.  You will need to step into the water when you are entering and exiting your craft, and you may need to get out of your boat at times during your trip.  Protect your feet from sharp rocks and other debris that may be on the bottom of the river or lake.
    • You can purchase cold water and snacks at Fox River Paddle Sports in Waterford or at Sportsman’s in Wind Lake when you are getting your rental craft.  There are plenty of nearby restaurants where you can pick up a lunch to take along.
  • Most paddlers want to bring their cell phones along on the water for photos and for safety.  If you plan to do so, we strongly recommend that you use a good quality waterproof case made for cell phones.  Some cases will allow you to use your smart phone without removing it from the case.  Zip-lock plastic bags are not waterproof and will not protect your phone if it takes an unintentional swim.  Fox River Paddle Sports has reasonably-priced waterproof dry bags available for sale if you need them.
  • Paddling is an activity that practically everyone can participate in, but there are certain physical skills that you should have in order to do it safely.  Please review our list of ESSENTIAL ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA, especially if you have never done any paddling before.

When you cannot reach anyone at the Waterford and Wind Lake rental locations during the off-season from October through mid-May, please contact the business office of SherriKayaks at 262-895-2008.

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